Case study for News And Feed App

Let us clarify one more success story of how we Build an app for sharing  article & news.

New India mobile app


When our client presented the idea about this thought-provoking news app where admin will post informative content and users can share their ideas and put their viewpoints in front of a responsive, like-minded audience that wants to make a difference in society. We found the idea intriguing and we got excited to work on his project. The basic motive of this app which fuels this fire is to make India a golden bird again by providing a platform to the concerned people a platform to give their views and ideas and let those ideas be the stepping stones towards making India great again.

Challenge & Solutions

We carefully understood the idea and went into depts of it to explore other related possibilities and begin to make a plan about the interface and working of this app.

It was a challenge to make the app presentable and relevant to people, we suggested news stories by admin and letting people comment not making the app a social media platform entirely but making it relevant to people a bit more.

We recommended the best features like Admin making informative posts and letting people comment to share their views and their queries and receive the required help.


We successfully brought our client’s idea closer to their intent in the form of the New India app.

Content sharing app development
New India app development


  • Post your views and ideas. After submission, the New India team will review your post. If your post doesn’t contain any unauthenticated information, then the post will be approved and you can see it on the homepage of the New India app.

  • You will receive push notification about approval or disapproval of your post. Moreover, the changed status can be seen in my posts section of your app.

  • You can share and save the post you have liked.

  • Comment on articles and leave your reviews.

  • You can post 2 types of topics – Image and video topic. Currently, in the video topic section, you are only able to attach YouTube links. New updates to follow soon.

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Happy Clients


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