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Let us clarify one more success story of how we build a Social Application(IMMI Chat) for iOS & Android.

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Immi Chat is a social app where users can share their experiences with immigration procedures and services and people can share their viewpoints and ask for help. There are many fraudulent activities going on in the name of immigration-related facilities. Our client presented this idea to protect people from frauds and to generate awareness among people regarding these frauds and provide them with authentic help. However, in the app people can make posts that will be approved by admin and people can comment on it if users want to communicate with one other they can talk to each other with the help of another messaging app which is integrated with the same.

Solutions from Game App Studio

This is an idea pointed at a larger problem but still narrow in nature in respect to its solution.

And to answer that Game App Studio came up with this solution to make a social app for informative purposes and still serving the motive of the app.

To avoid fake and fraudulent content we have given admin the access to approve and delete posts.

For chatting services, we provided a separate app with all the required features.

Custom social app developent


  • Social app with a motive to generate awareness about immigration frauds.

  • informative posts by the admins

  • authentication and screening of posts by admin

  • a separate messaging app integrated with the main app for chatting purposes

  • One on one private chats and users can also make groups for group chats

  • users or admins can create private groups permission will be required to enter

  • option to sync your contacts with the app and look for other users

  • multimedia files, PDFs and Docs sharing support

  • users can favorite posts save files in separate folders respectively.

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